Thoughts on the economics
and philosophy of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a complex topic, which is why mainstream media coverage is mostly useless. Never google Bitcoin and don’t read superficial articles from non-specialized sources whose only goal is your click. It’s nothing but noise. But that doesn’t mean there’s no material available. There’s a ton out there. Check out this selection of articles, videos, podcasts and books.

Andreas Antonopolous‘ Beginner’s Guide on What Bitcoin Did.

Andreas is one of the most brilliant writers and speakers in the space and this episode
explains Bitcoin in simple and easy-to-understand words.

Robert Breedlove’s “Common Misconceptions” on The Investor’s Podcast

Robert Breedlove is Bitcoin’s master philosopher and finds intelligent frameworks for thinking about Bitcoin. This show is a must-listen for everyone interested in the topic.

Andreas Antonopolous and the History of Money

Andreas Antonopolous again – for good reasons. You can literally watch and listen to anything by him for a deeper understanding of what Bitcoin is.

Nick Szabo explains Bitcoin on The Tim Ferriss Show

Nick Szabo’s is a true polymath. A computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer, he did pioneering work in the field of cryptocurrencies. His knowledge is jaw-dropping and Tim Ferriss manages to extract some of it in an easily digestible way.

Anthony Pompliano about the Importance of Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano is one of the most prolific podcasters in the space and also is a frequent guest on CNBC and other news outlets in order to explain Bitcoin to a mainstream audience. In a true 2020 style, Pomp explains Bitcoin from his apartment here.

Alex Gladstein and the Human Rights Perspective on Bitcoin

Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He brings an entirely different perspective on Bitcoin. He argues that it’s a “humanitarian defense system” in an age of surveillance and censorship.

Saifedean Ammous Explains Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard, the best selling book on Bitcoin. He shares his deep knowledge about history and economics with Laura Shin for the Unchained Podcast.

The Maximalist: Murad Mahmudov interviewed by Anthony Pompliano

Murad is one of the highest conviction maximalists in Bitcoin and shares his views on the Bitcoin revolution in this epic podcast with Pomp.

Robert Breedlove’s Masters and Slaves of Money

One of the finest pieces by Robert Breedlove: “History shows us that the corruption of monetary systems leads to moral decay, social collapse, and slavery. As the temptation to manipulate money has always proven to be too strong for mankind to resist, the only antidote for this poison is an incorruptible money — Bitcoin.”

Parker Lewis – Gradually, then Suddenly

A classic Bitcoin must-read by Parker Lewis, who worked for Deutsche Bank during the financial crisis and has put together this great piece in 2019.

Vijay Boyapati and the Bullish Case for Bitcoin

This is an all-time classic must-read article on Bitcoin and it covers the most important topics in a compelling way.

Plan B’s classic Stock-to-Flow model in “Modeling Bitcoin Value with Scarcity (S2F)”

Pseudonymous Twitter Account Plan B (@100trillionusd) has created amazing statistical models and frameworks of thinking about Bitcoin. His most popular piece is about the infamous Stock-to-Flow model which adapted a concept from the sphere of gold to Bitcoin.
More Plan B? Check out his website, which contains all his work.

Winklevoss Capital on Bitcoin’s Role in Today’s Macro-Environment

Although this piece centers around a price prediction, it’s extremely well-written and explains our current macro-economic environment and why Bitcoin is perfectly positioned.

The Bitcoin Standard (book) by Saifedean Ammous

This is every Bitcoiner’s bible and explains the value of Bitcoin from first principles. Saifedean Ammous avoids technicalities and dives deep into monetary history and theory. The first 80% of the book is not about Bitcoin. When you’re reached the remaining 20%, your brain is ready for the next step in the evolution of money.